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I'm an cybersecurity, data protection and privacy lawyer lawyer at the Toronto law firm of McCarthy Tetrault. When not writing here, I am writing restaurant reviews for Precedent legal magazine or using the backs of restaurant napkins to work out the odds of whether I can be replaced by an artificially intelligent machine (this week's odds are 70:30).

Santa’s blatant disregard for Canadian privacy law

I was in the midst of my annual ritual of removing the undeserving from my Christmas card list (take that, opposing counsel who would only respond to the senior on the file! Et tu, client who revised a four-page affidavit … Continue reading

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Court holds that research lawyers are vital to practice of law

Ok, I may be paraphrasing slightly, but Master B.M. Young in Worth v. Spelliscy, 2012 BCSC 1873  did say that legal research is probably almost always necessary, at least in sophisticated commercial cases. This case arose as a result of a review under … Continue reading

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Zombie Law

I realize I could be applying my skill and talent to compelling issues in international trade arbitration or assisting with developing the jurisprudence on conflicts of interest. And I will. But right now, there’s Zombie Law – a piece I wrote … Continue reading

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The hidden threat of turkeys

Like many Canadians this weekend, I will be gorging on turkey and, shortly thereafter, falling into a food coma. This is the annual Thanksgiving tradition, and I give thanks for it (and for many other things, but that’s not the … Continue reading

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And now….robot-tunas

My last post about robot planes proved to be prescient. Not only should Canadians be concerned about the privacy and legal implications of surveillance by unmanned drones, it appears the authorities may also be playing peekaboo with our underwater activities. … Continue reading

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I, for one, welcome our new robot-plane overlords

It’s no surprise that I like information; it is, after all, my stock in trade. It is also a pitfall, as I have a tendency to tumble down obscure research rabbit holes and emerge, blinking, into the bright light of … Continue reading

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Playboy Bunny Manual 1968

What, I hear you mumbling, can the 1968 Playboy Bunny Manual possibly have to do with law? I was asking myself that same question, as I desperately searched for some connection which would justify posting it here. And – voila! … Continue reading

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