Amusing Disclaimer

The Disclaimer

In case it needs to be said (and judging from the law on the matter and the fine print in my insurance coverage, it does need to be said): This Site Does Not Give Legal Advice.

This blog and everything on it is intended for your amusement. While I think I am very smart,  you should not be relying on this blog for legal advice.   In any event, the points of law discussed in this blog are not advice – they are “observations”, “opinions” and occasionally even “wry observations”. Not advice. And certainly not legal advice. While I do get paid to provide legal advice, this is not it.

And while I’m sure you’re a very nice person, it does not create a legal relationship. Or any relationship. Unless you send a picture first, in which case I may consider the latter. But it won’t change the former.

I do my best to check sources, and attribute content. If I’ve got it wrong (not unheard of), please correct me. Also, the things I categorize as “Humour” are, in fact, funny. To me. You may not find them as funny, or funny at all – in which case you are free to start your own blog for people who are funny like you.

And, because I’ve always wanted to say it,  I make no representations, warranties, or any other kind of binding legal promise that anything on here is, in fact true, legitimate, or bona fide. I rely on credible sources, avoid anonymous tipsters, and do my best – what you do with that is up to you.

One final point – the content on here originates from all over the world. I am licensed to practice only in one small part of it – Ontario, Canada. I am called to Bar in that jurisdiction and so far they haven’t seen fit to throw me out. Fingers crossed.

The Other Stuff

Contact. Yes, you may contact me. I will try to respond you, especially if you’re witty.

Submissions. Yes, by all means send stories, tips, articles and so forth. There’s a lot out there on the world wide web, and I can’t always get to all of it.

Comments. Active for now, and moderated. If it gets silly, defamatory, or advertsing-y, I will shut it down. In which case, you can still reach me through the Contact link.


This blog that I have created, and any associated content, spin-off movies or merchandise,  is the sole property of me, Kirsten Thompson. The downside of this is that I also bear sole responsibility for it. Nothing on here should be attributed to my firm, McCarthy Tetrault LLP, as they already suffer enough just having me in the office. Nor should any lawyer or employee of the firm be blamed for any of it. Again, it’s all me.


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