Playboy Bunny Manual 1968

What, I hear you mumbling, can the 1968 Playboy Bunny Manual possibly have to do with law? I was asking myself that same question, as I desperately searched for some connection which would justify posting it here. And – voila! – the Bunnies were given tax advice. It’s all there, on page 20:

This, frankly, is but the tip of the iceberg. Lest you think the Bunnies were little bits of inconsequential patriach-pleasing eyecandy, think again. The Bunnies had rules, were subject to the supervision of an eagle-eyed “Bunny Mother” and were metric’d to the hilt with a complex system of merits and demerits that could lead to eviction from the Bunny Mansion.

Frankly, the Bunny Manual is more complete than most associate handbooks and law firms could do far worse than adopt it (though the requirement of  “clean and fluffy cottontails”  (p. 23) for every event may require some modification lest the firm attract the ire of the Law Society).

The entire Bunny Manual is available on the Retronaut site.


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