Ten Tips for Building a Law Firm Publishing Culture

If your firm is like mine, chances are there are a lot of great people with really fantastic ideas. But the outside world knows nothing about them, because there’s no coordinated strategy to sing their praises.

I can’t say it any better than Steve Matthews at Stem’s Legal’s Blog:

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the zeitgeist of legal web marketing the last couple years, you know that producing and publishing content is the best possible way to grow your online reputation. But “content, content, content” is so much easier said than done. Firms need specific strategies for building an internal publishing culture.

Steve has come up with ten tips to building a law firm publishing culture. So what are those ten critical tips that can move you from being unkown to going viral (ok, lawyer publications rarely go viral, but I can always hope….)? Read on…


About InfoLawyer

I'm an cybersecurity, data protection and privacy lawyer lawyer at the Toronto law firm of McCarthy Tetrault. When not writing here, I am writing restaurant reviews for Precedent legal magazine or using the backs of restaurant napkins to work out the odds of whether I can be replaced by an artificially intelligent machine (this week's odds are 70:30).
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