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Sentencing idiots

There are days when I really regret going into a career that requires so much research. On the other hand, it’s because of my research duties that I’m aware of cases like R. v. Smickle  – kudos to Molloy J. for knowing how … Continue reading

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Social media: measuring results

Social media use amongst lawyers and law firms seems to be a trending topic these days. Two things of note: Vizibility and LexisNexis recently conducted a survey of US firms to help shed light on the use of social media in … Continue reading

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Not all law firm marketing is equal

According the National Post, which summarized Altman Weill’s 2011 Chief Legal Officer Survey, some forms of legal marketing are more effective at catching the attention of potential clients: … “personal contacts” is the most effective tactic, rated at 6.7 on a … Continue reading

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It’s the Virgos who are the real problem…

You can take your poverty stats, criminal recidivism analyses and your fancy socioeconomic indicators – the local police department in Chatham-Kent has figured out a more straightforward and less thinky predictor of criminality: your astrological sign. Aries don’t come off too well … Continue reading

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